About us and our mission

PRP Enterprises is a growing family business located in Southern California.Photo # 1 We enjoy Helping promote the arts through the products we sell on Amazon.com.

There are many beautiful landscapes and creatures on this planet which we find very inspiring and spiritual. We enjoy hiking and camping throughout United States, from the rugged coast of Oregon, through the spectacular Yellowstone Country, to the beautiful woods and streams of Maine. From the California Sierras; to the Photo # 2 Grand Canyon and the red rocks of Sedona. There is nothing like a hike among the saguaro cactus covered mountains above Tucson to inspire creativity in a person.

Such beauty is captured by the artist and we enjoy supplying products which add to their endeavors.

Have you heard the expression "Artists are made not born". We find this to be a very true statement. We have always admired people you can draw and paint with ease. After getting to know a few, we’ve learned just how much they work to perfect their craft. Photo # 3

Thinking about this further, it starts with the desire to learn; studying and understanding a few basic principles of the subject to get started; then practice, practice, practice.

Take Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors with his over the top basketball skills, or Keith Urban with his incredible guitar playing, amazing vocal skills and beautiful song writing, to name just two of the professionals who have actually achieved excellence in their field of expertise. Theirs has been a life of practice, practice, practice.

Photo # 4

The same goes for the aspiring young artist. They have to be provided with the tools of the trade, some basic principles of the art and then practice, practice, practice to develop their skills.

The key factor in all of this is to enjoy the journey and to help others do the same. Besides experiencing the arts yourself, encourage those around you to discover their creative side. It is an enjoyable pastime and an excellent way to relax. It helps oneself Photo # 5 and others enjoy their surroundings while sketching animals in the wild, a stunning mountain scene or waterfall, or merely capturing the family pet on paper.

Take a break from this hectic life we live. Put down the laptop and cell phone. Take a walk in the great outdoors, breath the fresh air and capture its beauty on paper. You will certainly feel better for doing so. Also keep in mind that Amazon.com has such great products to help one enjoy their adventures with the art of drawing and sketching.

- Betsy & Paul